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Surrogacy Stories

A Surrogacy Story

This Surrogacy story was written in her own words, via Instagram 2020.

Disclaimer: If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, it is normal to wonder about the benefits, risks and experiences that other women have had before you. But many surrogates do not have someone else in their lives that has gone through the same process to discuss these things with. Reading true, successful surrogacy stories and hearing about someone else’s hopes, fears and challenges (or lack thereof, hopefully,) first-hand can help reaffirm your decision and remind you why you decided to help someone start a family. We hope that current and future surrogates find comfort in this story.

“Four days ago my surrogacy journey came to an end. 

After a long anticipated year; daily shots, LA trips to the doctor, weekly blood draws, ultrasounds… & then that final stretch of desperation to hit that finish line; body aches, sleepless nights, & duck walking…. Was it worth it??? 100% yes. 

Delivery went like everyone dreams of. No pushing whatsoever, & she was out like in less than 10 seconds. 

Bringing a life into the world, being my blood or not, is the most rewarding feeling. It’s amazing what the woman’s body can endure & produce. I know many are wondering, “were you attached emotionally?”… No & Yes. 

See my situation turned out a little different than anticipated. I had been looking forward to that moment of seeing the parents meet their baby girl for the very first time. But, due to unseen circumstances the reality of that special moment came to a halt. As some know, the baby’s parents live in China. With the pandemic at a high right [now*]. The travel restrictions prevented the parents from flying out and being here for the arrival. With that being said it brought the maternal instinct in me out, wanting to be there for this poor baby stuck on the opposite side of the world than her parents.

Carrying her for all these months then feeling helpless having to leave her alone at the hospital. That’s where I felt emotionally connected. However, luckily the parents had close friends who were able to step in and care for her in the meantime. 

End of the day I’m still processing everything as a whole, but I’m honored I was able to help a family in need. 

I will forever be humbled and grateful for this experience & will forever have a special place in my heart for Alina ♥️”

-C. Drake, @cierrajonei on Instagram.

*For timeline purposes, this story was written in 2020 during the Covid Pandemic.*

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