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Intended Parents Frequently Asked Questions

The surrogacy process can seem complicated. If you or you and your partner are interested in starting a family but are not sure exactly what the surrogacy process entails, we can help. California Surrogacy Center answers the most frequently asked questions of intended parents of a surrogate pregnancy. If you want to start the surrogacy process, contact us today by completing the form below.

Why should I choose California Surrogacy Center?

At California Surrogacy Center, we are dedicated to providing only the highest quality of care and the most advanced treatment throughout the surrogacy process. We offer fully customized fertility programs in order to make sure the program best fits the lifestyle and relationship of the individual or couple. The team at California Surrogacy Center cares about the individuals who want to take part in the surrogacy process, and we go out of our way to provide them with extraordinary care and comfort.

What is the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy?

There are two primary kinds of surrogacy: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is when a woman carries a child that is not related to her in any way. The embryo will be implanted through in vitro fertilization, allowing the parents to pass along their own genes or those of a donor who is not the surrogate.

Traditional surrogacy is when the woman carries a child that was conceived using her own eggs. In traditional surrogacy, sperm from the father or a donor is artificially inseminated into the surrogate. Please note that California Surrogacy Center only offers gestational surrogacy.

How do I begin the process?

To begin the surrogacy process, contact California Surrogacy Center. We will then provide you with everything you need to begin, including an application. To get started, complete the form below or give us a call at (310) 968-3736.

How has COVID-19 changed this process?

While our offices are not open to the public during this time, we are still welcoming virtual consultations and limiting any in-person appointments to only those that are necessary, such as your visit to the fertility center. And of course, any in-person appointments require that all parties follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. Learn more here.

How long does the entire surrogacy process take?

Once the intended parents choose a surrogate, the entire surrogacy process should take from 12 to 18 months. Paperwork, legal work and medical exams typically take around 3 months. Then, the pregnancy itself lasts around 9 months. Since every case is different, it is difficult to make an exact estimate, but this is a reasonable range.

Can I be a parent if I’m single?

Of course! We work with individuals from any and all backgrounds, including single individuals, same-sex couples, and heterosexual couples.

What services do you provide?

We strive to make the surrogacy process as simple as possible for prospective parents. Our staff will work with you throughout the entire process, including finding the perfect surrogate mother for your child, handling any legal issues, and ensuring a safe and healthy delivery. If you have any questions about other services we offer, complete the form below or give us a call at (310) 968-3736.

What does the legal process involve before and after the birth?

In some cases, the legal process for a surrogate can get complicated. Luckily, California is one of the most surrogacy-friendly states, and California Surrogacy Center has one of the nation’s most highly-regarded surrogacy lawyers on our staff, providing you with expert legal advice, and if need be, legal action. For more information, read our blog post on the Advantages of Hiring a Surrogate in SoCal.

Where will the surrogate mother give birth?

This is a decision that will be made by you and the surrogate mother together. Most surrogate mothers give birth at a hospital close to their home. Please also keep in mind that it must be a hospital covered by the surrogate mother’s insurance. If you do not have a hospital in mind, California Surrogacy Center can help you make an informed decision.

After the embryo is transferred, how do I know my surrogate is leading a healthy lifestyle?

We have caretakers for the surrogate mother to make sure they are living a happy and healthy lifestyle. They will visit surrogate the mother from time to time, bringing them healthy, organic food and making sure they are doing well.

If this is not sufficient, the parents can schedule a meal service of healthy food for the surrogate, providing the surrogate with healthy and organic food shipped directly to the surrogate mother’s house in regular intervals. If you would like more information about our food program, complete the form below.

What happens if I am matched with a surrogate mother but she doesn’t pass the necessary examinations?

A surrogate mother usually begins all of her exams after she is matched, so there is a slight risk that she is unable to pass all of the exams. If this occurs, California Surrogacy Center will replace your surrogate mom with a new one without any additional fees. However, any fee that has already occurred, such as the fee for a psychological screening for a surrogate mom, will not be refunded.

How do I pay for the surrogate mother’s fees and costs?

All the fees for the surrogate mother will be put into a trust fund account that a lawyer will monitor. The lawyer will handle each payment for the surrogate mother, making sure to keep a record of each and every payment. If there is any money left in the account after the surrogacy process is complete, the lawyer will return any remaining funds to you.

How can I contact California Surrogacy Center?

If you are interested in beginning the surrogacy process, contact California Surrogacy Center by completing the form below or giving us a call at (310) 968-3736.

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