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Questions for Surrogates

Why Women Become Surrogate Mothers

Serene surrogate mother holds pregnant belly in a flower field

Every day, women do extraordinary things. They run companies, they develop new technologies, and they find solutions for the many pressing social and environmental problems we face. Perhaps most remarkable of all, in a single day, the world’s women welcome 360,000 new children to the planet, having dedicated themselves to the round-the-clock commitment of pregnancy for many months. 

Some of these women have chosen to carry children for other families, offering the gift of life to intended parents who have struggled along their journeys to parenthood. Who are these heroes, and why do they choose to be surrogate mothers?

Sharing Joy

When asked about their decision to participate in gestational surrogacy, most surrogate mothers have a simple explanation. They know the joy that comes with raising children, and they feel compassion for others who have encountered obstacles along the path to parenthood. They want to help, and they are willing to provide a safe, healthy place for children to grow until they can come into the world and join their intended parents. 

Earning Compensation

Participating in the creation of a family is hard work. There is simply no way around that. Pregnancy takes a toll on women physically, emotionally, and mentally. While surrogate mothers invariably get involved in the process to help other families, they also need to be compensated for their contributions. High-quality services that match intended parents with surrogate mothers arrange for appropriate compensation. Funds can be put towards anything, from household expenses to education, giving surrogate mothers an opportunity to achieve dreams of their own. 

Personal Fulfillment

The experience of helping others is personally fulfilling, and many surrogate mothers choose to participate in the process more than once. In some cases, in addition to offering a life-changing gift to intended parents, these women simply enjoy being pregnant. They like the physical changes that come with pregnancy, and they are thrilled by the knowledge that they are bringing new life into the world. 

For some of these women, having additional children of their own may not be the right choice, so they get to enjoy the pregnancy with the knowledge that other loving parents are waiting to welcome the new baby (or babies) into their lives. 

Of course, there is a lot to consider before committing to becoming a surrogate mother, and many who are considering it have concerns. Below are some of the most common. Visit our surrogate FAQs page to view a comprehensive list.

Will I feel like I’m giving away my baby? 

From time to time, there is a splashy tabloid story about legal battles between traditional surrogate mothers and intended parents. But often, the surrogate mothers in these stories are biologically connected to the babies, as their own eggs were used in the pregnancy. With gestational surrogacy, the eggs are donated, or they come from the intended mother. There is no genetic link between the surrogate mother and the child. This process reduces the emotional toll that surrogacy takes, and it offers the intended parents a chance to have a child with a biological connection. 

Will I be responsible for medical expenses? What if I don’t have medical insurance?

Surrogate mothers don’t need to have medical insurance to participate in this process, and they are never responsible for expenses associated with their pregnancy. All of that is handled by the intended parents through the surrogacy agency. 

Will I be alone through this process? 

Absolutely not! At California Surrogacy Center, our surrogate mothers gain access to a caring network of support and medical guidance. Each surrogate mother is assigned a case manager who is there to assist them and answer any questions they may have throughout the process. Many surrogate mothers also form lifelong friendships with the intended parents whom they are matched with. Some even become repeat surrogates for the same family, when the intended parents decide they are ready for another child.

Choosing to become a surrogate mother is a major life decision. The experience of giving another family the gift of a healthy baby is profound. To learn more, contact California Surrogacy Center using the form below — or click here to start your application today.

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