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Surrogacy Process

Preparing for Embryo Transfer as a Surrogate Mother

An IVF technician gives a smiling surrogate mother an ultrasound.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be used in lieu of speaking with your physician about getting healthy before pregnancy. This is purely a perspective based on our own research.

Once you have made up your mind to move forward with becoming a surrogate and you have been matched with just the right intended parents, it is time to begin preparations for becoming pregnant. The process is well-tested and safe, but there are impacts to both the body and mind. The following information can help you prepare for embryo transfer and ensure that the process goes smoothly and successfully.

Preparing for Embryo Transfer: Before

The first and most important thing you can do before your embryo transfer is build rest and relaxation into your schedule. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to forget this key step. Go to bed earlier; sleep longer; try a nap during the day. Focus on eating healthier meals that include fruits and vegetables. Taking care of yourself can help ensure that you feel your best when it’s time for the embryo transfer. 

Other important steps you can take to prepare for embryo transfer include the following: 

  • Review your IVF plan and start asking questions. Make sure you are comfortable with the details and confident that you can meet your obligations under the plan instructions before moving forward. 
  • Carefully following the directions for each of your medications. These drugs have been proven effective in increasing the chances of implantation, but only when used in customized amounts and combinations according to a specific timeline.
  • Check with your IVF center well in advance on the logistical details for the day of. Find out what time you are expected and who you can bring along with you to provide support during the procedure. 
  • Write down your questions as you think of them in the days leading up to your IVF center visits. It’s often difficult to remember them in the moment. And you may find greater peace of mind, having all of your questions answered before the day of implantation. 
  • Make travel arrangements for your IVF appointments ahead of time. Arriving relaxed and refreshed will go a long way towards reducing feelings of anxiety. Stay overnight at a nearby hotel if that prevents an excessively early morning and long drive.

What to Expect the Day of Your Embryo Transfer Procedure

When embryo transfer day finally arrives, plan to be at the IVF center at least an hour before your appointment time. As mentioned, feeling rushed is no way to begin this momentous occasion. You should continue your medications as directed, and you will be asked to have a full bladder during the procedure. This is what you can expect once the actual transfer process starts: 

  • You will undress from the waist down, and you will be positioned in a manner similar to that of a gynecological exam.
  • Your practitioner will review the procedure with you and answer any outstanding questions.
  • The ultrasonographer will get a clear image of your uterus on-screen.
  • With guidance from the ultrasound images, a prep catheter will be inserted into the uterus through the cervix. 
  • A smaller catheter containing the embryo will pass through the prep catheter to the uterus. 
  • The embryo will transfer to the uterus. 
  • The embryologist will check the catheter to verify the transfer is complete. 

That’s it! Next, your job will be to simply rest and relax while the embryo and uterus get acquainted. Continue taking your medications as instructed. In about two weeks, you will have a follow-up appointment to determine whether you are pregnant. 

Preparing for embryo transfer can be an emotional time, no matter how confident in your decision to be a gestational surrogate you may be. Surrogacy medications and the hormonal changes in your body can intensify this feeling. Strong emotions are normal, and there is no need to manage them alone. California Surrogacy Center is always available as an educational and emotional support resource to any current or potential surrogate mothers. Contact us using the form below with any questions you may have.

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