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7 Intended Parent Tips for Parenthood

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The surrogacy process can be so all-consuming, it can be easy to forget that at the end of your surrogate’s pregnancy you will immediately be thrust into parenthood. Even though you aren’t actually carrying the child, it is important to relentlessly prepare for what is sure to be the greatest challenge of your life; becoming a parent. California Surrogacy Center is the expert in California when it comes to surrogacy, and we provide 7 crucial tips for intended parents to prepare for the rigors of parenthood.

1. Do Your Research

The amount of information out there on being a parent is staggering. Not only is there a near endless stack of books on caring for a newborn and being a parent, the internet opens a whole new rabbit hole of advice to sift through. While the weight of all of this information can be overwhelming, it is always a good idea to adequately prepare for an endeavor, especially when that endeavor is something as crucially important as raising a newborn child. Do your research, and you will find yourself ahead of the game when it comes to being a parent.

2. Talk to Parents

There is an incredible teaching resource all around you in the form of parents. Talk to mothers and fathers, both young and old. Get firsthand insights on how to best prepare yourself for the challenge to come, getting valuable tips and tricks to thrive.

3. Meal Prep

The first couple weeks are going to be insane, with little to no downtime. Make life easier on yourself by cooking a week or two worth of easy to prepare meals. Instead of spending the rare breaks you will get from caring for your newborn cooking meals, spend them relaxing and unwinding with an activity you enjoy, like sleeping!

4. Mentally Prepare Yourself For Your Life to Change

When you become a parent, everything changes. If you and your partner had gone through a full pregnancy together, it would likely be easier to grapple with the reality of being a parent. However, without that baby bump serving as a constant reminder of the challenge to come it can be hard to get mentally prepared. For the first few months with your new baby, your life will totally and completely revolve around your child, with time for little else. You will be sleep deprived and your social life will cease to exist, but it will be worth it as you discover the joy of parenthood.

5. Discuss Parenting Strategies With Your Partner

This only applies to couples who are bringing in a surrogate child. Before the baby enters your home, make sure you have had a good chat with your partner about parenting strategies. Argue about potential differences of opinion while you are still well-rested and rational, instead of waiting for the baby to arrive when you both will be tired and grumpy.

6. Spend Time With Other Children

If you have any friends or family with a young child or a baby, try to spend time with the them. By just being around a young child, you can learn valuable lessons about what it means to be a parent.

7. Prepare Your Home for Your Newborn

It would be impossible to get your house ready for a newborn baby overnight. A few months before your surrogate is due to give birth, start accumulating the items your newborn will need to thrive. This includes buying and setting up a crib, stroller, and other items, baby proofing the house, and decorating your baby’s nursery. Not only will this ensure you are ready for your new bundle of joy to come home, but it will also get you in a parental mindset.

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