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How to Become a Surrogate

6 Signs You Would Make a Great Surrogate

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If you have ever contemplated becoming a surrogate and can’t seem to shake the notion, it’s time to seriously consider this generous and selfless act. Knowing some of the most common characteristics and signs of a great surrogate can help you determine if this journey is right for you. Six of the characteristics that indicate you would be a great surrogate include:

Signs You’ll Make a Great Surrogate

  1. Being a mother already: Knowing what it is like to carry a baby inside your body as it grows to maturity for 9 months is an important trait that surrogates must have. Already being aware of the sacrifices you must make to carry a healthy fetus to full-term is something that loving mothers do. Top surrogacy agencies realize that women who have been through the emotions that bringing a beloved baby into your life entails and who are raising their own biological children are more willing to give this gift to the intended parents of the baby.
  2. Being healthy: You must live a healthy lifestyle and not have a BMI over 30. Your medical history cannot include a history of smoking or alcoholism, of mental illness, or other medical issues that may compromise the unborn baby. During your previous pregnancy, you most likely followed a healthy diet, exercised regularly, and avoided taboo medications, alcohol and other things that are forbidden during pregnancy. Another reason being health-conscious is one of the requirements for some of the best surrogacy agencies is because, if you had a healthy, normal pregnancy and delivery before, the chances of you doing so again during the surrogacy process increases.
  3. Being the right age: Women between the ages of 21 and 37 can become a surrogate if they meet the other criteria. One of the reasons age is so important is because you must be mature enough to consider all the factors of being a surrogate, yet not so old that your health, or the baby’s, may be compromised during the pregnancy or delivery. Women who become pregnant after the age of 37 have higher risks of having health issues during pregnancy.
  4. Being financially stable, responsible and independent: Although surrogacy agencies in California and elsewhere compensate surrogates, at times you may be called upon to pay for some expenses. You will, of course, be quickly reimbursed, but sometimes it is necessary to have the money upfront. It is vital that you are responsible for taking care of your health and adhering to the guidelines of the surrogacy process. This includes going to all your obstetrical appointments and communicating with the agency and intended parents when necessary.
  5. Having a good support system: The surrogacy process could take up to 18 months from the application process to the day of delivery and time of recovery. It is very important that you are surrounded by friends and family members who believe in what you are doing and support you while you are blessing a couple with a beloved child. The emotional support and help you receive from your loved ones helps ensure the surrogacy journey is a happy and joyful one for all concerned.
  6. Your main priority is to help someone build a family: If the main reason you are contemplating surrogacy is to help someone obtain their dream of becoming parents to a precious child, then your heart is in the right place. Although surrogates are compensated well, money should not be your main priority.

If you recognize all of these signs and characteristics in yourself, being a surrogate may be perfect for you. Review the qualifications for and benefits of becoming a surrogate, or start the process right away by filling out the surrogate application.

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