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Holiday Gifts for Intended Parents and Surrogates

By November 22, 2017 No Comments

gifts for intended parents and surrogates

You have a surrogate in your life, someone who is poised to give you one of the best gifts possible. It’s natural to wonder what in the world could be an appropriate present for this special person and to even feel nervous about it. After all, you don’t want the surrogate to feel slighted or overwhelmed by the gift, so you need something that strikes the right tone.

The good news is that there are plenty of fantastic gifts for surrogates, no matter your preferences or her preferences. And if you’re a surrogate looking for gifts to bestow on intended parents, there’s a section for that at the bottom of this article.

Gifts for Surrogates

First things first — it’s good practice to get gifts for your surrogate’s children as well. As with the surrogate gifts, this shouldn’t be something to cause you stress. The key thing to remember is that the gift should be inexpensive. That doesn’t necessarily mean cheap or cheap-looking, but don’t go lavish, or you could put the surrogate and child in an awkward position. Books are a great idea because you can cover any base. There’s always something, no matter a child’s age and interests.As for the gifts for your surrogate, they shouldn’t be expensive either. To that end, good bets include candles, chocolate, and flowers. You can find nice gifts in these categories no matter your budget, and they are easy to get online. DIY gifts can be fun too and add a personal touch.

What could be nerve-wracking is deciding what to write on the card that accompanies a gift. Again, it’s good to go simple. Something like, “Thank you for being you. Happy holidays!” conveys a lot in a short message.

Surrogates in California, because the state is so big, do not always live close enough to the intended parents for an in-person gift exchange. If you like shopping online, it is perfectly fine to order a gift from an e-retailer, select a gift-wrap option, and have a message written on the card. For a more personal touch, though, it shouldn’t cost that much more to have gifts shipped to you. That way, you can write the holiday card and include it with the gift. As with many things, it’s really the thought and sentiment behind a gift that matters rather than the actual object itself.

Gifts for Intended Parents

When you’re a surrogate, you may feel unsure what to get the intended parents. Perhaps they’re well off, and your budget isn’t huge. Or maybe they’re struggling to be able to afford surrogacy. There can be many scenarios, and that’s okay. One place to start is to give them baby gifts. If that feels awkward for you, try children’s books. After all, the baby should be reading soon. Failing that, a photography or art book should do just fine. Books really are an incredibly versatile gift.

Alternatively, you could get a holiday-themed gift such as a snow ornament or snow figurine. If you love DIY projects, some options include coffee mug mixers, snowmen candles, and homemade jams.

If you’re not a surrogate yet, and you’re interested in being part of what could be an incredible gift, you can get started by filling out the form below.

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