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7 signs you will make a great surrogate mother

By December 12, 2023 No Comments

Are you looking for a sign to become a Surrogate Mother?

We put together a list of 7 signs to help guide you!

1. You’re done having kids but love being pregnant.

Surrogacy allows you to experience all of the things you loved about being pregnant with your own children – all over again. Experiencing birth and/or already raising your child is also important to Surrogacy requirements. If you would love to experience pregnancy again, while giving a family a chance to grow without obstacles, this is your sign!

2. You like to help others.

Having empathy is defined as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. This is a trait all of our surrogates have in common. If you describe yourself as selfless and empathetic, this is your sign to be a Surrogate! If you are already a Mother, you can involve your own children in the surrogacy experience and set an example of generosity.

3. You are great at communicating.

You are not in this alone and the truth is the surrogacy process can be…challenging, yet rewarding. It is important for our Surrogates to be able to consistently communicate with the intended parents, our team, doctors & medical staff. It’s important to share your journey as well as any needs you may have. If you are great at communicating, this is your sign to be a Surrogate!

4. You like being part of a community.

Sisterhood, comradery and special family is more like it. Yes, building a bond with your intended family is going to happen, but you will join the sisterhood of surrogacy. You will be part of a group of strong women who share your same unique experience, which is a bond like no other. Having access to this maternal community is vital to your success, during and after the surrogacy journey. If you want to be part of something bigger than you, then this is your sign!

5. You love a healthy lifestyle.

If you are already the type of person who may go to bed earlier, eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle, then this sign is for you! Pregnancy can take its toll on the mind, body and soul. For nine months, your body will go through some pretty drastic changes, and your mind will be focused on bringing a new life into the world. Having a healthy lifestyle is something you should want and love to maintain!

6. You are seeking financial freedom.

You see becoming a Surrogate a great way to help another family, all while setting up your future. If you are thinking of investing, buying a home for your family, building a savings or retirement plan, going to school, starting a project…the list goes on – then this is your sign!

7. It’s something you think about often.

…And it led you to this blog. We think that is a sure-fire sign you will make a great Surrogate Mother!

Choosing to become a surrogate mother is a major life decision. To learn more, contact California Surrogacy Center using the form below — or click here to start your application today.

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