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Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Your interest in becoming a surrogate mother means you’re joining a sacred sisterhood of women who believe in helping individuals and couples realize their dreams of having children.

Giving the gift of parenthood is a life-changing experience not only for the intended parent(s), but for you and your family, too. At California Surrogacy Center, our surrogate mothers receive generous financial compensation that allows them to follow their dreams, as well as emotional support throughout their entire pregnancy.



sonogramAt California Surrogacy Center, we maintain high standards when reviewing each surrogate application. Our intended parents rely on us to match them with compassionate, healthy, and responsible women who will carry successful pregnancies. At the same time, this should be a positive and rewarding experience for you, too. We conduct our screening process with the health of both the child and surrogate mother in mind. To that end, here are the basic qualities we look for when reviewing each surrogate application:

  • Your age is between 21 and 36 years old.
  • Your BMI is under 32.
  • You have given birth and are raising your child.
  • You are a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • It is preferred that you live in the state of California (but not required).

Beyond these basic surrogate mother requirements, we choose surrogates with responsible and stable lifestyles who have no history of mental illness, criminal activity or complicated and unhealthy pregnancies. They should also be non-smokers living in non-smoking homes who are willing to submit to medical, psychological and drug screenings. Surrogate mothers should also be warm, nurturing, and fully committed to the process of helping a family in need. If this sounds you, we’d love to hear from you.

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One of the biggest benefits of becoming a surrogate mother is the generous financial compensation. First-time surrogate mothers at California Surrogacy Center receive between $35k to 40k for offering their time, energy, and body to help a family in need. (including benefits). Surrogate mothers also receive a $1,000 signing bonus and are eligible to be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket costs like medical co-pays, maternity clothing, travel expenses, and legal fees.



embryoMany of the benefits of becoming a surrogate mother are obvious – the generous financial compensation, top-notch healthcare and counseling services, and the deep sense of personal satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve helped a family in need. But becoming a surrogate mother also comes with some unexpected advantages you may not have considered, including:

  • Surrogate mothers can share their pregnancy journeys with the intended parents and develop a strong bond with the family they help create.
  • Surrogate mothers often find community with other women who have gone through or currently on the surrogacy journey.
  • Surrogate mothers can involve their own children in the surrogacy experience and set an example of selflessness and generosity.
  • The financial compensation a surrogate mother receives can be put towards her education, buying a home, or supporting her family.
  • Surrogacy allows you to experience all of the things you loved about being pregnant with your own children all over again.
  • Surrogate mothers do not need their own health insurance. The intended parent(s) pay for their surrogate mother’s healthcare throughout the pregnancy.
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